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Pascal Campion is a half-French half-American illustrator and animator. Having studied at the French Strasbourg Arts Deco school, he has then made a name for himself in the US, having for example worked for Disney and Dreamworks.

Pascal is mainly known today for his amazingly efficient colorful images and for his synthetic and expressive drawing technique. Behind the apparent simplicity of his work, it is easy to see a very advanced understanding of colors and a great science of composition and contrast  : these assets enable the artist to go straight to the point and get it right almost every time.

The obvious purpose of most of his images ? Creating an emotion, most often positive ; communicating happiness in its different expressions : family, friends, love and trivial things that will make us put on a smile.

In the “Cafe Salé n°7” artbook, Pascal says that the places he goes through are not simply sets and backgrounds to his eyes but “pieces of stories”. These places themselves hide other little stories : the ones of people who come and go.

For Pascal, making an image is not simply drawing characters with the visual background that goes with them : the background itself is a character which acts and reacts with the other elements of his composition. His significant work of creating atmospheres underlines this point.

In 2012 was published  a 144-page artbook on Pascal’s work. Containing a stack of quality illustrations rich in atmosphere, the rightly entitled “Sunny Side” contains what everyone of us seeks in everyday life : a big slice of happiness.

Discover the book on Amazon : Sunny Side (French Edition)

Where to find Pascal on the Internet : in his blog, his facebook page, or his Deviantart.

An overview of his work

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