Review : Wacom Cintiq 13HD


Replacing the Cintiq 12WX released in 2007, the Cintiq 13HD is the cheapest Wacom screen graphics tablet. Like all graphics tablets in this line, the Cintiq 13HD allows you to draw, colorize and edit images with the stylus directly on the screen and with high accuracy. It is for people with a regular practice of drawing and image professionals.

Cintiq 13HD Wacom – positives

Its screen: Compared to the previous version of the model (the Cintiq 12WX), the Cintiq 13HD is equipped with a larger screen, now measuring 13.3 inches. Concretely, this means that the work surface is 29.4 x 16.6 cm, which is very good. The resolution has also been improved (from 1280 x 800 to 1920 x 1080). On the screen which is now HD, there are potentially 16.7 million colors to be watched.

Its portability: for a screen tablet, the Cintiq 13HD is a space-saving device. Compared to the Cintiq 12WX, the Cintiq 13HD has undergone a severe weight loss cure: just 14 mm thick and 1.2 kilos on the scales. Wacom’s will? Making the Cintiq 13HD a tablet as portable as the Bamboo and Intuos lines. The gamble has paid off : it is the only tablet of the Cintiq line to be easily carried about.

A high accuracy: Due to its 2048 pressure levels, an improved resolution and a stylus tilt taken into account, the Cintiq 13HD provides high accuracy for use.

An easy use: The Cintiq 13HD is able to tilt at the user’s will: a nice plus enabling to alternate precision work and comfort phases that your back will particularly appreciate. Another adavantage for comfort: the Cintiq 13HD relatively heats little after prolonged use. Its connections are simple and convenient: an HDMI port is required to take full advantage of the tablet’s capabilities and its USB display, but only a USB port is enough to use the Cintiq 13HD like a “traditional” tablet of the Intuos or Bamboo types.

The shortcut keys: Configurable as you need them and directly integrated on the Cintiq 13HD, the ExpressKeys, the Home button and the scroll wheel allow you to quickly work without touching  the keyboard, which will influence even more positively comfort of use and speed of execution.

Its price/quality ratio: available between 799 and 999 dollars on the Internet, the Cintiq 13HD may at first sight seem expensive but the level of performance and practicality of the device are largely at the rendez-vous.

Cintiq 13HD Wacom – a minus point

Unlike other Cintiq tablets at higher prices, the Cintiq 13HD does not benefit from the multi-touch technology: it cannot therefore be used with your finger like a touch screen.

The Cintiq 13HD Wacom – verdict

Compared to its predecessor, the Cintiq12WX, the Cintiq 13HD is an improvement on all points: a larger HD screen, increased accuracy, improved portability … all at a similar price. In absolute terms, the Cintiq 13HD is an excellent screen tablet that has, in addition, the advantage of being portable. Sure, for a model that aims to be the cheapest of the Cintiq range, the price remains high. But it is worth our money and the investment involved in the purchase is largely worth the effort too.

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