Tutorial by ROZENN GROSJEAN : Quick illustration with digital watercolor effect

Price : 9,95 $

The illustrator Rozenn Grosjean shows in this tutorial how she proceeds to create an illustration with her graphics tablet and obtain a digital watercolor effect. From the sketch to the coloring, every step of Rozenn’s drawing is explained : the opportunity to get a lot of drawing and Photoshop tips

The picture created during the tutorial



The main points of the tutorial in a few words

Theme :


Subject :

Quick illustration of two characters with a digital watercolor effect. The entire process is explained : sketch and coloring.

Content :

6 Explanatory HD videos with HD audio commentary

+ PSD file (HD) made by the illustrator (1 file)

+ JPG pictures created by the illustrator in HD (1 file)

Note : In this illustration, some of Rozenn’s brushes come from Kyle’s watercolor brushes. You can get these brushes here.

Note 2 : Rozenn uses the French version of Photoshop. However, during the tutorial, all the names of the Photoshop functions she uses are clearly translated into English.

Price : 9,95 $


Detailed content of the 5 videos:

  • 1 – Sketch (Photoshop tips, character construction, shortcuts, perspective) (6 minutes 39 seconds)
  • 2 – Finishing the sketch, first solid colors and watercolor effect (12 minutes 10 seconds)
  • 3 – Additional solid colors, optimization thanks to various Photoshop tools (7 minutes 23 seconds)
  • 4 – Finishing the girl’s coloring, line, details and readjustments (17 minutes 34 seconds)
  • 5 – Finishing the cat’s drawing and coloring, details and readjustments (8 minutes 45 seconds)
  • Bonus short video : an example of how to manage light with layer modes (1 minute 55 seconds)

The first minutes of the tutorial

About the tutorial

In this tutorial, Rozenn Grosjean, among other things, will explain:

  • how to make a plausible pose for the character and how to manage the shortcuts and perspective
  • how to use some Photoshop practical features to have interesting effects and save time (Layer masks, lock, layers management…)
  • how to play with the brush parameters to have a nice brush to use for the sketch, the line and for details
  • how to use Kyle’s watercolor brushes to get a mastered watercolor effect
  • ow to set up one’s Photoshop brushes for a traditional rendering and dynamic features
  • how to suggest synthetically the rendering of some specific materials such as animal hairs, fabric, human hair
  • how to “improve” classic solid colors for a better visual effect
  • how to efficiently manage the coloring thanks to the lasso tool
  • how to have an organized and efficient approach in the drawing/coloring process
  • how to work effectively with optimized shortcuts

Bonus: the mini-gallery of the tutorial author

Discover the entire gallery of Rozenn here.

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