Tutorial by TEVY DUBRAY : How to make a colorful and contrasted background

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Recently, the backgounds of the animated film “Rasmey” by Tévy Dubray (awarded at the 2015 BIAF festival) attracted a lot of attention. We went to see Tévy in Paris to ask her how she had proceeded. She told us that most of her backgrounds had been made with TV Paint, an animation software. So we challenged her: “What would you say of making the same type of backgrounds with Photoshop, explaining to people how you proceed? “. Kindly, Tévy accepted our proposal.

The picture made during the tutorial


The essential of the tutorial in a few words

Theme :


Subject :

Digital painting of a set with the whole process explained: sketch, coloring in shades of gray and other colors


9 Explanatory HD videos with HD audio commentary

+ PSD file of the illustrator in HD (1 file)

JPG Image of the illustrator in HD (1 file)

+ Reference image set

Note: In this illustration, Tevy uses Alex Dukal’s “Aquarellist” brushes, available here.

Note 2 : Tévy uses the French version of Photoshop. However, during the tutorial, all the names of the Photoshop functions she uses are clearly translated into English.

Price : 11,50 $


 Details of the 9 videos:

  • 1 – Demonstration of the brushes used for the illustration (3 minutes 37 seconds)
  • 2 – Sketch – composition, management of the different planes and perspective (5 minutes 07 seconds)
  • 3 – Getting gray values ​​– management of the contrasts, ambiance and atmospheric perspective (16 minutes 06 seconds)
  • 4 – Coloring – interesting use of complementary colors (10 minutes 32 seconds)
  • 5 – Advanced coloring 1 – layer management according to the different planes, details (12 minutes 28 seconds)
  • 6 – Advanced coloring 2 – the tree and the stone (14 minutes 27 seconds)
  • 7 – Advanced coloring 3 – distribution of large, medium and small volumes – detailed areas, non-detailed areas (11 minutes 22 seconds)
  • 8 – Advanced coloring 4 – atmospheric perspective colors, overlays, camera focus effect (10 minutes 03 seconds)
  • 9 – Completion of the illustration – optimization of contrasts, halo of light, adjustment layers (7 minutes 43 seconds)

Presentation and extract of the tutorial

Tévy’s animated film

About the tutorial

In this tutorial, Tévy, among other things, will explain:

  • how to manage the composition of a complex picture
  • how to create an impactful image via a focus on contrasts
  • how to handle the coloring from a sketch with grey values and how to do it quickly with Photoshop
  • how to create a successful complex colorful atmosphere with the use of complementary colors
  • how to handle the volume distribution and the distribution of detailed and non-detailed zones
  • how to manage the perspective and atmospheric perspective, in black and white and then using colors
  • how to have a fast and efficient “painter”’s approach
  • how to use textured brushes correctly
  • how to manage a succession of planes for a clearly legible image
  • how to use a minimum of layers and organize them efficiently
  • how to play with the Photoshop functions for a camera-focus effect
  • how to use Alex Dukal’s watercolor brushes to obtain a mastered organic effect
  • how to work effectively with optimized shortcuts

Bonus : the mini-gallery of the tutorial’s author


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