Tutorial by CECILE CARRE : Character design and illustration from A to Z

Price : 14,35 $

In this very complete tutorial, Cécile, a character designer and student at Gobelins, explains how she goes about creating a character and colorizes it in minute detail. Throughout the videos, she details every step of her process and distills valuable advice related to character design, the use of key features in Photoshop, and drawing in general.

The picture created during the tutorial

cecile-carre-character design


The main points of the tutorial in a few words

Theme :

Character Design / Illustration

Subject :

Character design of a clown from A to Z: rough, clean, detailed coloring process

Content :

9 Explanatory HD videos with HD audio commentary

+ Customized Brushes used by the illustrator

+ PSD Files made by the illustrator in HD (1 file)

+ JPG pictures created by the illustrator in HD (1 file)

+ JPG picture of the photo documentation (1 file)

Price : 14,35 $


Detailed content of the 9 videos:

  • 1 – Preparation – Photo documentation, customized brushes (7 minutes 54 seconds)
  • 2 – First rough draft – dynamic pose, axes, volumes (9 minutes 02 seconds)
  • 3 – Rough continuation – lines of force, volumes, directions, plumbness (13 minutes 12 seconds)
  • 4 – Final Rough – adding costume and spotlight, managing contrasts (12 minutes 24 seconds)
  • 5 – Clean – playing with contrasts, anatomy tips (18 minutes 15 seconds)
  • 6 – Adding solid colors and optimization with Photoshop tools (15 minutes 56 seconds)
  • 7 – Adding light effects and collar, adjusting solid colors (15 minutes 59 seconds)
  • 8 – Coloring the line and having more complex colors (13 minutes 35 seconds)
  • 9 – Final work on the illustration, the spotlight and texture effects (16 minutes 51 seconds)

4 video extracts of the tutorial

About the tutorial

In this tutorial, Cécile Carre, among other things, will explain:

  • how to set up one’s Photoshop brushes for a traditional rendering and dynamic features
  • how to make a dynamic pose for a character and how to play with the lines of force, volumes, directions
  • how to make a coherent drawing with an approach based on volumes, axes and plumbness
  • how to make a striking character design by playing on a variety of contrasts
  • how to succeed in drawing some key elements of the character design with anatomy coherence: elements of the face, neck, torso, hands, legs, character expression, etc.
  • how to have an organized and efficient approach in one’s character design
  • how to avoid pitfalls: proportions, symmetries, tangent lines, …
  • how to use some Photoshop practical features to have interesting effects and save time (clipping masks, layer masks, textures additions, layers modes, brushes modes, lock, …)
  • how to suggest synthetically the rendering of some specific materials such as translucent fabric or metal.
  • how to manage the coloring of a character without having in advance very specific ideas about a color palette
  • how to manage the light on a character following simple rules
  • how to make a line (= inking) with energy and how to color it
  • how to make a quality photo documentation and how to exploit it
  • how to work effectively with optimized shortcuts

Bonus: the mini-gallery of the tutorial author

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